SpaceX announces upcoming space flight crew will be all non-astronauts

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For years Elon Musk has discussed his ambitions to send people to Mars.

Now, his company SpaceX has taken one step closer to that goal, announcing an upcoming space flight crew consisting of all non-astronauts, reports CNN. The all-civilian crew will be the first in space-flight history.

Entrepreneur Jared Isaacman has funded a multimillion dollar trip to space aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. Isaacman will command the mission, and has purchased three additional seats on board, which will go to a St. Jude Children's Research Hospital "ambassador," and someone who enters for a chance to join the trip.

As of now, the launch is planned for late 2021.

While SpaceX founder Elon Musk has previously discussed his desire to go to Mars himself, he said he will not be a part of the Inspiration4 mission.

The space flight will be a “multi-day” trip into Earth’s orbit.

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