Starbucks Plans to Open 85% of Stores By End of the Week


Starbucks is getting ready to ramp up operations.

In March, the coffee giant transitioned most of its retail locations to drive-thru or delivery only amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As parts of the country begins to slowly open up, the chain has announced they plan to have 85% of their stores up and running by the end of the week, but with modified operations in place, reported Forbes.

Most outlets still won’t let customers in its cafes. Instead, they are urging everyone to place mobile orders that can be picked up at the drive-thru or via new “entry-way handoffs.”  Employees will set up areas in the store to distribute the orders so customers don’t have to actually enter the locations themselves.

Depending on state-mandated protocols, cafes that will allow customers to place an order inside with a barista will have all seating removed and have social distancing markers placed on the floor.

Starbucks is also providing outlets with face coverings and gloves, and all employees will have their temperature checked prior to the start of their shift.

"We are going to adapt. As we monitor, see cases of COVID continue to decline, we might expand some of those experiences in our stores,’ Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson told Fox News.  “If we see a certain city or market where the cases begin to increase, we might constrain certain services. So this monitor and adapt phase is something that everyone can participate in."

He added: "We've worked closely with the CDC to implement safety protocols, to give us confidence that we can do this in a way that does not contribute to the spread of the virus.”

Previously, Starbucks announced they were giving healthcare workers, first responders and other frontline workers free tall coffee through May 3rd.

In addition, the Starbucks Foundation contributed $500,000 to organizations donating care packages and medical items such as masks, medical supplies, and other essential items that healthcare and frontline workers require.

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