Starbucks Reveals First Color-Changing Cup After Coronavirus Closures


Starbucks will be selling new color-changing cups later this month after COVID-19 closures.

The new item is a reusable Confetti Cold cup which changes colors when a cold drink is poured inside, reported Business Insider.

Starbucks also reported that other “summer-inspired merchandise” would be available in late May.

The Confetti Cold Cup has already been posted on social media. In a photo, a fan shared that the cup comes with a blue lid and multicolored straw.

Starbucks announced that the new cup would be available for $4 and restocked through the summer.

But it's already available for purchase on resale websites, as often happens with reusable cups. Some sellers on eBay have jacked up the price and are selling the cup for more than $20.

While the coronavirus pandemic is still going on, Starbucks will continue its policy of not refilling reusable cups.

In March, the chain announced that coffee lovers would have to get used to paper cups as it was temporarily suspending the use of personal cups and tumblers to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In addition, the coffee giant transitioned most of its retail locations to drive-thru or delivery only amid the ongoing pandemic.

Earlier this month, Starbucks announced they would have 85% of their stores up and to run by the end of the first week of May, but with modified operations in place.

Most places still won’t let customers in its cafes. Instead, they are urging everyone to place mobile orders that can be picked up at the drive-thru or via new “entry-way handoffs.” Employees have set up areas in the store to distribute the orders, so customers don’t have to enter the locations themselves

Depending on state protocols, cafes that will allow customers to place an order inside with a barista will have all seating removed and have social distancing markers placed on the floor.

Starbucks also started providing outlets with face coverings and gloves, and all employees now have their temperature checked before the start of their shift.

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