Taco Bell Employee Saves Man Passed Out in Drive-Thru


A Taco Bell employee saved a person’s life.

A female worker at one of the chain's locations in Clarksville, Tennessee rescued a man who had passed out in the drive-thru line.

An NBC affiliate in Tennessee reported that Sonja Frazier, the employee, realized something was wrong when she saw the drive-thru line getting longer. She then discovered a man passed out in his car.

“That’s when I tried to find a pulse because I noticed when we got him out, his ears, lips, fingertips, everything was blue,” Frazier said.

The employee found a pulse but said it was faint. After finding the man, she pulled him into the parking lot and performed CPR for several minutes until responders arrived.

“I started CPR until the fire truck came. It seemed like it took a while,” Frazier added.

When emergency officials arrived at the scene, Frazier said she “went and smoked a cigarette and cried like a baby” after the man grabbed onto one of the fireman’s arms.

Frazier said that she had spoken to the man on Facebook. She shared that he reached out to her and said that he was doing better. He also expressed gratitude to Frazier, telling her that she saved his life and he didn’t know how to repay her.

It was reported that the employee previously worked in health care and that this is the third time that she has performed CPR at work.

“We’re placed in certain situations for a reason,” she said. “I do believe I was there for a reason.”

Frazier had only been working her shift for 40 minutes that day before she discovered the unconscious man.

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