Taco Bell Launches New Pineapple Whip Freeze To Start Off Your Summer


It may be the unofficial start of summer, but Taco Bell is keeping it chill.

The fast food chain is kicking things off by launching a brand new frozen drink.

As of Friday, May 21st, the Pineapple Whip Freeze is available to make sure you stay cool as the temperatures heat up, reported Delish.

The frozen treat features a pineapple freeze base blended with a pump of sweet vanilla cream. It’s then topped off with a green plastic lid to give it that authentic pineapple look.

The regular 16 oz. Pineapple Whip Freeze retails for $2.39, while the large 20 oz. version will set you back just $2.59. Both are available for a limited-time at participating locations around the country.

In addition, the regular size is available for $1 during Taco Bell's Happier Hour, which runs from 2 PM to 5 PM daily.

Taco Bell is also offering a secret menu Tie-Dye Freeze which combines a Pineapple Whip Freeze, Mtn Dew Baja Blast Freeze, and Wild Strawberry Freeze into one ridiculously delicious concoction.

The release of the chain’s Pineapple Whip Freeze comes one month after Disney disclosed the recipe for their classic Dole Whip pineapple.

In April, Disney laid out the step-by-step process on how to create the “frozen pineapple treat.”

So, if you are bored in quarantine, take a look at this recipe from the Disneyland app:

· 1 big scoop of ice-cream
· 4 oz of pineapple juice
· 2 cups of frozen pineapple
· Add all ingredients to a blender until it’s a thick drink
· Add your swirl, and then you’re done.

Whether you grab one at Taco Bell or make your own, enjoy!

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