Taco Bell Revamps Restaurant Design for Post-COVID Ordering


Taco Bell is making some necessary changes amid the coronavirus virus.

The chain wants to be virus-friendly, so it is launching a design that emphasizes the drive-thru option and also limits human interaction in order to curb the spread of the virus.

The chain will debut a concept that cuts back on indoor dining and focuses on a second drive-thru lane for pick up orders.

The restaurant model is designed for guests to order ahead through the app and “enjoy the Taco Bell experience in a frictionless way,” the press release noted, per CNN.

The changes come in response to the new ways consumers have been interacting with fast food joints and ordering food during the pandemic.

Many chains including Chipotle and Mcdonald's have seen an increase in demand for digital orders at drive-thru options.

Even Taco Bell’s owner Yum! Brands said that it served a total of 5 million cars through the year, a significant increase from the previous year.

Online ordering also jumped $1 million to total $3.5 billion for all of its brands -- including Pizza Hut and KFC -- up substantially from the year prior.

There will also be curbside pick-up and “bellhops,” aka employees wearing face masks who will be stationed outside and taking orders.

If you're a customer who likes the face-to-face interaction, the chain isn’t doing away with in-person ordering completely. Customers can still enter the restaurant and place their order.

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