VIDEO: 2 teen girls have close encounter with bear while gardening

Photo credit Philippe Clement / Getty
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A couple teenagers were gardening at their friend’s house when they had a close encounter with a black bear, and it was all caught on video, UPI reports.

Hailey Nelson and Dor Arndt were working on their garden in front of their friend’s house, when Nelson thought she saw her friends black lab.

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"We wanted money, so we decided to go pull some weeds and we're just pulling some weeds, just talking, listening to some music, turn our heads and it's just a black lab," Nelson said to WCCO-TV.

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Nelson soon realized that it wasn’t a black lab, it was a black bear.

The girls tried to get inside, but the door was locked. A home security camera was able to catch it all on video.

"So I'm pounding on the door saying, 'Let us in!' Screaming our heads off, just wanting to get inside!” Nelson said.

Their friend’s dad heard the screaming, and let the girls inside.

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