The Internet Is Obsessed With Dunkin’s Viral ‘Pumpkin Tasty’ Sign


One Dunkin’ employee couldn’t contain his excitement for the fall menu!

To announce the return of its seasonal menu filled with pumpkin-flavored goodies, a location in Portland, Maine opted for this message: “UH OH SPICY! PUMPKIN! HAHAHAHA PUMPKIN TASTY.”

The sign went viral after Portland resident Jesenia Santana shared it on Facebook writing that the Dunkin’ location “has some weird energy right now.”

Many users shared the message, which is a fitting reaction for the return of pumpkin spiced items.

One user tweeted that the message was more indicative of 2020 as a whole: “Dunkin Donuts is out here having a breakdown like the rest of us.”

The official Dunkin’ Twitter account even retweeted the photo with the caption: “Could Pumpkin save 2020?”

The sign even caught the attention of Drayton Martin, Dunkin’s vice president of brand stewardship, who said it shows how “nothing creates excitement like the return of pumpkin.”

“People are thrilled this beloved seasonal flavor is back at Dunkin' to satisfy those yearnings for much needed moments of comfort and the familiarity of fall,” Martin said in a written statement per FOX News.

The genius employee behind the sign is 18-year-old Adam Taddia, according to the Boston Globe.

“My boss couldn’t think of anything and he said, ‘Put whatever you want up there,’” Taddia told the publication, adding, “I was feeling goofy. I wanted to put something funny up there.”

Sadly, Taddia’s boss wasn’t as excited about the sign as the rest of the internet, and the chain swiftly changed the message to a simple and less enthusiastic: “PUMPKIN IS BACK!”

Santana bid the viral sign adieu writing, “RIP forest ave Dunkin sign, you were a fleeting treasure.”

Dunkin’ unveiled their fall menu on August 19.

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