Coronavirus: The Reason Kids Are Putting Rainbows in Their Windows


As the coronavirus pandemic continues, children from all across the globe are trying to put a smile on everyone's faces.

Children all over the world have been placing handmade rainbows on their windows to spread joy during the global outbreak, reported Fox News.

Earlier this month, families across Italy began posting banners, paintings, and drawings with rainbows that included the message "Tutto andra' bene." That translates to "Everything will turn out OK."

Even though the trend began in Europe, signs with rainbows started showing up in people's windows through the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Dozens of rainbow pictures can be found in New York City and Philadelphia.

People on Twitter shared the beautiful artwork on social media. A reporter from the Philadelphia area posted pictures of a family doing a scavenger hunt looking for the artwork. She captioned the post, "Quality Time. Spotted this cute family doing a scavenger hunt in Queen Village! People put up photos of rainbows, a Facebook group maps them, and the kids have to spot them."

Passersby can track local rainbows nearby and add where they are through the Rainbow Connection group via Google Maps.

In the United Kingdom, the rainbows represent a sign supporting all of the hardworking health care professionals.

(Martin Rose/Getty Images)
Children, known to the photographer at home make rainbow pictures to hang in the windows or front doors of local people who show their support for the #stayathome campaign on March 27 in Moorrege near Hamburg, Germany. The coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, are having a fundamental impact on society, government and the economy in Germany. Public life has been restricted to the essentials in an effort to slow the spread of infection. Hospitals are scrambling to increase their testing and care capacity. Photo credit (Martin Rose/Getty Images)

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