Never miss a show or sporting event again — this app keeps all your streaming services in one spot

friends watching sports in home
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Remember the days when you'd flip on the TV and watch whatever was on that night with the fam? Well, those days are long gone, and streaming TV reigns.

While streaming allows everyone in the house to watch whatever shows they want, whenever they want, keeping track of all the different shows you want to tune into (not to mention remembering what app they're on) can suck the fun out of your viewing experience.

Sometimes technology just makes things more complicated, but with genius apps like SelectTV, managing all your different streaming avenues, along with live TV, is anything but difficult. Designed to optimize all of your watchable content into a comprehensive digital media guide, SelectTV is your one-stop-shop entertainment hub, accessible with just the tap of a finger.

When you have SelectTV, your TV and movie-watching experience becomes infinitely simpler. Thanks to its guides, search capabilities, and streaming manager, you can actually find what you want without fiddling around for twenty minutes before you hit play.

In fact, it perfectly organizes millions of movies and TV shows from your favorite streaming apps, like Hulu and Netflix, along with your go-to cable networks, like AMC, Showtime, and beyond, so that you can select what you want in one single place. You won't have to worry about searching for your favorite shows like "Hell's Kitchen" or "Supergirl," let alone remember which streaming platform it was on.

In addition to keeping all your streaming apps in one easily accessible spot, SelectTV also gives you access to over 150 live TV channels, negating the need for traditional cable TV. That includes channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, and more. It also gives you the opportunity to save extra on pay-per-view movies at prices you won't find anywhere else. There are even Spanish channels available!

Compatible with most smart TVs, like Roku, Android TV, and LG TV, along with smartphones, tablets, and Chromecast, SelectTV can be easily implemented into your favorite viewing mode, whether you're watching at home or on the go. And based on its many favorable online reviews, along with over 450 ratings on Google Play, SelectTV is becoming a standard in content streaming management.

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