This bracelet lets the world know you're vaccinated


Dining in restaurants, going to baseball games, and traveling across the country — those are just a few things you'd never thought you would do again less than a year ago. But ever since game-changing, life-saving vaccines came into the picture, things are slowly getting back to normal. Almost, anyway.

If you've been vaccinated, whipping out your official stamped card has become as normal as, well, putting on a mask. But if you want to make things a little easier on yourself, wearing the innovative ImmunaBand Vaccination Band can let the world know you're protected and ready to get back to life.

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Similar to how you'd flash your special bracelet to get backstage at a concert, this vaccination band lets restaurants, stores, and friends that you're vaccinated within seconds. It's also a great way for employers to know their staff is vaccinated or students who want to show their teachers that they're protected. Each bracelet boasts a unique QR code that anyone can scan to see your vaccination status. Sure, it may not go perfectly with your outfit, but it's way easier than having to whip out your vaccination card all the time, and convenience is always in style.

As a sign of your commitment to a safe community, the ImmunaBand shows everyone you're doing your part to overcome this devastating pandemic and return to normalcy. Featured on CNN, Yahoo! Finance, The Washington Post, and more, the ImmunaBand is making a real splash and proving to be an effective way to display your immunization status when it matters most.

Getting your information connected to the ImmunaBand is easy. Once you receive your band, open a camera on any mobile device, take a picture of the QR code on the bracelet, and click the link that appears on the screen. Finally, enter your PIN number and view your CDC vaccination card. It's that simple!

Stand proudly as a responsible, vaccinated individual and wear your ImmunaBand Vaccination Band for all the world to see! It's currently 5% off, making it just $17.95 for a limited time.

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