This dual-screen laptop monitor can turn you into a multi-tasking maven

Mobile Pixels
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Sure, you could watch some horror movies on Netflix this Halloween, but if you want a real scare, why not sit down and think about the years when you didn't have a laptop on hand.

From getting your work done at coffee shops to shopping for your fall wardrobe, there's not much you don't do on that thing. But with its compact nature, sometimes completing certain digital tasks can be a bit challenging, leaving you dreaming of a more optimal set-up.

While laptops add an immeasurable amount of convenience to our lives, they aren't always the most productive tool, which is many laptop-users are turning to the Mobile Pixels Trio. This ingenious gadget turns your laptop into a portable dual-screen device, allowing you to streamline tasks and multi-task like a real boss.

Without sacrificing portability, the Mobile Pixels Trio allows you to add an additional screen to your laptop whether you're at your desk at home or sitting outdoors at your favorite dinner spot. Ideal for working professionals, gamers, coders, students, and beyond, this gadget gives you the freedom a large multi-screen setup offers with the convenience of complete portability, boosting your productivity by up to 50%.

Compatible with Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Android devices, the way the Mobile Pixels Trio works is simple. Using its USB connection, you can attach the dual-screen onto your laptop in mere seconds, and adjust its viewing angle to fit your ideal setup thanks to its 270° rotation. And since it's super lightweight, you can easily take it with you just about anywhere.

Featured on BuzzFeed, Geeky Gadgets, WIRED, Boston Business Journal, and more, laptop users everywhere are upgrading their workspaces with the Mobile Pixels Trio. And if you really want to take things up a notch, you can even opt for its portable triple-screen monitor option, giving you a total of three viewing screens.

Right now, you can get the Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor for $219.99 with code SCREEN44, or go for the Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Triple Screen Laptop Monitor for $437 with code SCREEN285.