This cordless spin mop and polisher will leave your floors spotless

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From light scratches to tracks of mud that your pup continues to drag into the house, your floors have seen better days. But instead of packing your cabinets with more cleaning supplies that cost a fortune and aren't always necessary, perhaps a high-quality spin mop is your best bet.

Unlike other cleaning tools out there, this Elicto ES-530 electronic wonder mops, scrubs, and polishes, all in one fell swoop. And since it's fully wireless, it can get in all those nooks and crannies, like around tight corners and under couches, with incredible ease. And since you don't have to stay close to an outlet, there are no limits to where you can use this thing!

This multifaceted mop is powered by a strong 2,200mAh battery with two high-speed mop heads that can cover some serious ground, scrubbing hardwood floors and more with incredible vigor. It also has a dedicated button for spraying your favorite solution or water, allowing you to completely customize your cleaning experience.

No matter what kind of mop, vacuum, or polisher you've used in the past, you can't deny the sheer annoyance tangled cords bring. Whether it's trying to find an outlet or tripping over tangled wires that grinds your gears, this cordless spin mop and polisher duo ensures you can clean with the incredible freedom being wireless brings. Plus, its battery gives you up to 30 minutes of usage per full charge.

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