WATCH: Thousands of spiders swarm homes to escape record floods

Well, it's time to burn the house down
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Why do people live in Australia? Have you seen some of their insects? Look at this thing...

Okay, so that spider isn't the one fleeing into peoples homes, but still.

Matt Lovenfosse walked into his house on Monday morning and was met with so many spiders on the ground that he couldn't actually see his carpet. “I went out to have a look and it was millions of spiders,” he says.

Turns out that millions of spiders and other insects are trying to get ahead of the flood waters rising from Kinchela Creek.

“It’s amazing. It’s crazy, the spiders all crawled up on to the house, on to fences and whatever they can get on to.” Lovenfosse told the Guardian. He also said it's not only spiders trying to get ahead of the flood waters. He's seen snakes climbing up trees as well.

On Sunday the Varley family saw spiders covering a big railing that was sitting above water. Here's what they had to say:

“There were also skinks, ants, basically every insect, crickets – all just trying to get away from the flood waters. My husband videoed it, because I was not going close to it. When he was standing still he had spiders climbing up his legs. A skink used him as a pole to get away from the water. Penrith floods quite regularly, and this is not something I’ve ever thought about before,” Shenae Varley said.

Don't believe me? Watch this video:

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