Trader Joe’s Is Selling a Snowman That Melts Into the Perfect Cup of Cocoa

a snowman in hot cocoa
A cute snowman but not the Trader Joe's one. Photo credit Getty Images

When the weather outside gets frightful, hot cocoa makes for a delightful drink.

Many even compare the experience of drinking hot cocoa to a “hug from the inside.”

Well, Trader Joe’s is adding even more love to that hug with their latest item, the Hot Cocoa Snowman.

The festive invention is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and one that, we dare say, is even better than simply dumping handfuls of marshmallows into your drink.

Why? Because like a life-like snowman when the weather outside warms up a bit, each cocoa snowman – fitted with a black top hat, orange nose, and black eyes –melts into a rich, decadent cup of hot chocolate.

In a similar way you watch a bath bomb dissolve in your hot bath water, the white chocolate snowman dissolves into a delicious and rich drink after being placed in a mug of warm milk.

Watching a snowman melt has never been this relaxing. As he melts, all your worries melt away, too.

The Trader Joe’s blog said that the cocoa snowman will “bob and tip, like he’s enjoying a cozy bath… until he starts to melt.”

Not only is the cocoa snowman very Instagrammable, but as he melts, mini marshmallows and milk chocolate pop out and overflow into your cup. Can it get any better than this?

Yes, it can. At just $1.99 each, the Hot Cocoa Snowman is a holiday steal, so you may want to get a few extra to fill up those stockings.

As most holiday offerings, the cocoa snowman is available for a limited time in the candy section, so head on over to your nearest Trader Joe’s to get yours.

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