TSA Says 500 Employees Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus


The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday that five hundred of its employees have tested positive for the coronavirus. Of that five hundred, four people have died.

208 of those 500 have made a full recovery from the illness, the statement outlined. Nearly 40% of the confirmed cases of coronavirus among TSA employees were found in major airports in the New York City area.

John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens saw 105 positive cases of the virus while LaGuardia Airport saw 32. Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey saw 56 positive cases of coronavirus, NBC News reports.

Among the airports with the most amount of cases are Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport with 27 cases, Miami International Airport with 18 cases, O'Hare International Airport in Chicago with 15 cases and Denver International Airport with 17 cases.

On the west coast, Los Angeles International Airport had 11 positive cases while Seattle Tacoma International Airport had 6. Two cases were determined out of San Francisco International Airport.

The coronavirus pandemic has put a major dent in air travel over the last few weeks, with passenger volume down by 97%. This is the lowest it's been since 1954.

Meanwhile, JetBlue has become the first US airline to require passengers to wear masks while on board the plane. Many are lobbying for a generalized rule about mask-wearing during air travel.

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