Twins Born During Pandemic Named ‘Corona’ and ‘Covid’


One couple is making sure their newborns never forget they were born amid a global pandemic.

New parents Preeti and Vinay Verma welcomed twins last month in India while the country was on lockdown and named them Corona and Covid.

While the names are especially relevant at the moment, the couple appeared to be tentative about their longevity.

“I was blessed with the twins — a boy and a girl — in the early hours on March 27,” mother Preeti Verma, the Times of India. “We have named them Covid and Corona for now.”

The 27-year-old didn’t elaborate about any alternate monikers, but disclosed the pandemic-themed names came about after enduring a difficult pregnancy.

“The delivery happened after facing several difficulties and therefore, my husband and I wanted to make the day memorable,” she told the outlet.

And although the names may bring about thoughts of fear over the spread of the virus, medical workers at the hospital ultimately played a role in picking out their son and daughter’s new aliases.

“Indeed the virus is dangerous and life-threatening but its outbreak made people focus on sanitation, hygiene and inculcate other good habits. Thus, we thought about these names,” Preeti added. “When the hospital staff also started calling the babies as Corona and Covid, we finally decided to name them after the pandemic.”

According to the outlet, mom, Corona and Covid are all home and doing well.

While it’s unclear if any other couples will be racing to use those names, "Shark Tank" judge Daymond John thinks that with so many people on lockdown there’s going to be a baby boom by the end of the year.

“People gonna be home, gonna have some extra time on their hands,” John told People. “A little bored, maybe, or in love.”

"And nine months after everything is over, we’re gonna have a whole lot of babies,” he added.

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