Walmart and Amazon Are Nearly Sold Out of All Toilet Paper Amid Coronavirus Hoarding


If you are looking for toilet paper you are going to have to slow your roll.

As the country comes to grips with the coronavirus pandemic, many have taken to raiding the aisles of supermarkets and other retail outlets for supplies like water, canned goods, hand sanitizer and, peculiarly enough, toilet paper.

For the last several weeks, customers have been hoarding their favorite brands of TP over fears that it may run out at some point in the future should the COVID-19 outbreak continue to spread.

Well now national retail outlets are reaching record-low levels of the bathroom essential and are almost completely sold out of it, reported Business Insider.

As of Thursday, Walmart, Amazon and Target were nearly wiped out of their online stock of toilet paper and didn’t indicate when they would have more.

After a quick search on its website, Amazon did have 60 rolls of Angel Soft toilet paper for $29.41, but it wouldn’t be able to be shipped for two weeks, with arrival scheduled between March 25th- 30th. If you gotta go, you’re gonna have to wait!

Walmart and Target did still currently have rolls available for sale in stores, but they were not able to be shipped to your home. Customers would need to go down in person and deal with the crowds in order to get the suddenly highly-coveted item.

Experts say the reason behind the sudden need to have a lot of toilet paper is based on a scarcity mentality.

In buying more toilet paper than usual because of a perceived run on it, consumers have created an actual run on a product that, while necessary, is not directly related to the coronavirus and will not decrease their likelihood of getting sick.

While stores are all working to restock toilet paper and other household supplies, many are beginning to implement limits as to how much people can buy of certain products.

“Due to high demand and to support all guests, we will be limiting the quantities of disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers and hand & face wipes to 6 per guest,” a rep for Target told People.

While Kroger alerted shoppers saying, “To support all customers, we will be limiting the number of Sanitization, Cold, Flu and Household Essentials to 5 each per order.”

Good luck, shoppers and stay safe!

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