Walmart Confirms Employee Tested Positive for Coronavirus


The world’s largest retailer has confirmed one of its sales associated tested positive for coronavirus.

Walmart says the female employee, who works at its store in Cynthia, Kentucky, has been in isolation and has seen an improvement in their health status, reported CNBC.

In addition, six other staff members who came into contact with the infected woman have also been in isolation, but have not exhibited any symptoms.

To help curtail any further spread of COVID-19, the company is implementing a new employee leave policy which goes into effect immediately.

“Your health is our priority, and, as we’ve said before, we want any associate who is not feeling well to stay home,” the chain’s CEO wrote in a memo to its 1.4 million employees.

There are three ways Walmart staff can take advantage of the new leave policy.

First, anyone who is unable to work or feels “uncomfortable” reporting to work will be allowed to stay at home. The company will waive their attendance rules until the end of April. But in order to get paid they will need to use their “regular paid time off options.”

Next, if a store or area becomes part of a mandated quarantine, employees will receive two weeks paid time off and their absences won’t count toward their attendance record.

Finally, any associate that comes down with coronavirus will automatically be paid for two weeks. If they are not able to return to work after that time, they will be eligible to receive payment for up to 26 weeks for both full and part-time hourly employees.

“We will continue to monitor this situation closely with the support of our Emergency Operations Center and health officials,” the memo further stated. “Know that we will continue to take any and all measures necessary to ensure the well-being of our associates, customers and members.”

Of the over 1000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S., eight are in Kentucky.

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