Walmart is Seeing Increased Sales in Tops, Not Bottoms


Walmart has recognized a strange trend with shoppers.

As many people continue to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak, a Walmart spokesperson told CNN people are buying tops, but not bottoms.

This is happening after millions of Americans have switched from business attire for comfy sweats while they work from their own home.

With many using video conferencing apps, people still want to look presentable in front of their coworkers. Many are sporting their business attire on top and casual clothing from the waist down.

Dan Barlett, Walmart's executive vice president of corporate affairs, said the company is seeing many tops being purchased rather than bottoms, likely as a result of work-from-home orders. Barlett also shared that people are concerned "obviously from the waist up."

"These behaviors are going to continue to change and evolve as people get accustomed to this new lifestyle if you will," Barlett said.

Barlett shared that the data is currently being taken from the sales made in the United States.

As the pandemic continues to grow, so do the fears of many people who embark on panicked shopping.

Walmart was one of the stores that was forced to reduce its hours amid the global outbreak. The chain revealed it would cut hours from its Sunday opening times so employees can clean and restock shelves.

Photos surfaced across the internet, showing the long lines in Walmart, as many filled their carts in case they will need to self-isolate due to the virus. The demand for products has forced Walmart to delay its opening hours. Panicked buyers have been clearing out the shelves of stores across the country, and fights have even broken out.

Earlier this month, the company confirmed one of its sales associates tested positive for coronavirus. Walmart said the female employee works at a store in Cynthia, Kentucky. She isolated herself once she tested positive.

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