Walmart Testing Drone Delivery Service for Groceries and Household Items


Making purchases at Walmart may soon look very futuristic.

The chain has set its sights on delivering groceries using drones.

On Wednesday, the company announced that it will partner with Flytrex, an end-to-end drone delivery company, to run a pilot project to test delivery via automated drones.

Items that will be available for drone delivery include select grocery items and essential household products.

Testing for the drones would begin in Fayetteville, North Carolina. According to Reuters, the plan is to use cloud-controlled drones to pick up and drop off items.

“The drones, which are controlled over the cloud using a smart and easy control dashboard, will help us gain valuable insight into the customer and associate experience – from picking and packing to takeoff and delivery," Tom Ward, senior vice-president, customer products, said in a statement.

However, if you’re anywhere outside of North Carolina, don’t expect your goodies to drop in from the sky anytime soon.

“We know that it will be some time before we see millions of packages delivered via drone. That still feels like a bit of science fiction,” Ward added.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have been ordering more items for delivery which has put pressure on the chain to expand its offerings. They recently rolled out a membership with same-day shipping.

Walmart isn’t the first to test out drone delivery options.

Earlier this month, the FAA gave its blessing to Amazon to operate a fleet of Prime Delivery Drones. The company would use drone aircraft to deliver packages that are under five pounds.

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