Walmart unveils new store design inspired by airports


Walmart is rolling out a new look.

The retailer is revamping the layout and signage of its store to speed up shopping and cater to shoppers on their smartphones.

Much of the inspiration for the layout comes from the airport and competition like Amazon. Walmart says it is aimed to help customers complete their shopping trip as swiftly as possible.

The new look will feature signs with bold dimensional typeface spotlighting sections, per The New York Post, in order to minimize the frustration of searching endlessly for a product.

Aisles will feature letter and number combinations so that shoppers can easily locate items using the Walmart app.

Per Fortune, the hope is that shoppers will form a habit of using Walmart's app rather than Amazon’s.

Changes will be noticeable regardless of app usage. Upon entering the store, there will be electronic information boards and a directory resembling airport signs that will point shoppers to specific areas in the stores.

“As customers enter the store, they are greeted with clean, colorful iconography and a store directory that encourages them to download and use the Walmart app while they shop,” says Janey Whiteside, executive vice president and chief customer officer at Walmart’s US division, in a corporate blog.

“We were inspired by airport wayfinding systems as best-in-class examples of how to navigate large groups of people,” Whiteside added.

Walmart will also roll out the “Scan & Go” technology allowing customers a contactless checkout experience.

Other contactless options include an outdoor area dedicated to picking up online orders. It will be marked by a blue arch.

The goal is to roll out the new layout to 200 stores by early next year with an additional 800 stores added by early 2022.

Walmart has been working on introducing a new store layout since last year, but it accelerated its plans to cater to contactless shopping needs stemming from the pandemic.

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