WATCH: Bald eagle hunts down and eats seagull on golf course in intense showdown

By , Audacy

And that's nature for ya! A seagull recently became a tasty afternoon snack for a bald eagle.

Golfers at Point Grey Golf & Country Club in Vancouver, Canada had front-row seats to the savage encounter.

Seeing the fight between the birds break out, one of the golfers decided to capture the moment on camera.

TMZ notes that the eagle stalked and hunted the seagull before capturing him with its sharp talons. He then gobbled him up right there on the fairway.

The eagle eventually took off with the bird’s carcass in its mouth.

If you watched the video and thought “that was crazy,” you’re in the majority along with the stunned golfers.

Though the incident was pretty intense, it’s not out of the ordinary.

The National Eagle Center notes that while eagles primarily eat fish, they have been known to indulge in small birds like seagulls and other mammals such as squirrels, prairie dogs, and rabbits.

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