WATCH: Chimpanzee has adorable reaction to seeing owl for first time

Photo credit Getty Images

This could be one of the cutest starts to an unlikely animal friendship in the making.

Workers at the Cincinnati Zoo are training Ori the owl to be an animal ambassador. Part of his training includes visiting new areas around the zoo to get used to different environments and situations.

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During his latest field trip, Ori visited the chimpanzee exhibit where he was introduced to Bo the Bonobo. The pygmy chimp was completely beside himself as he met Ori for the very first time.

The zoo posted a painfully cute video of the pair's interaction to social media.

Ori didn't seem too flustered by Bo's reaction. He sat there and took it all in as Bo frolicked about, banged on the glass and swung from a tree. The zoo said exposing Ori to interactions like this will set him up to be a confident ambassador.

The special visit is also great enrichment for 6-year-old Bo. Bonobos are highly intelligent and share more than 98 percent of their DNA with humans, making them our closest living relative.

Ori is a Verreaux's eagle owl, also known as a milky eagle owl -- the largest owl in Africa and a fierce hunter. He hatched on March 12 this year and was hand raised by the zoo's bird team.

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