WATCH: Goat who wandered into woman's driveway inspired her to start goat rescue


Whatever floats your goat.

A goat and a sheep wandered upon a woman’s driveway from out of nowhere.

Meagan Frederick told Good Morning America that it was a pleasant surprise when she found the animals on her property, stopped right in front of her home.

“Having considered having goats one day in our life, when a goat wanders up your driveway, I kind of took it as a sign that the universe was saying this is your goat,” Meagan said.

The new goat owner thinks that Marvin the goat was abandoned by a local summer camp and was left alone in the woods by her home.

Meagan went on to start Frederick Farm and Goat Rescue after the goat, who she named Marvin, stole her heart. She wanted to build an animal sanctuary to help others see how fun and lovable farm animals can be.

Her business is currently in Napanoch, New York.

“Marvin here is the reason that we started that 7 seven years ago, and we’ve been growing slowly ever since,” Meagan said.

Several years later, even though her sanctuary has grown, Marvin still has a special place in Meagan’s heart.

Her sanctuary offers tours where guests can visit and play with the rescue animals.

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