WATCH: Goose falls in love with man's car, chases it for miles


Austin Johnson, a hunter from Nebraska, has a story to tell his family and friends that will quack you up.

While Johnson was heading to Hickman, Nebraska, to get ready to hunt, a Canada goose became obsessed with his car and wouldn’t leave the vehicle alone, the New York Post reported.

“So this goose has been following me  for, like, five minutes now,” Johnson said. “This man’s just chilling here.”

When arriving at the land, Johnson said his goodbyes to the goose and asked for it to stay by the car and guard it.

Several hours later, when it finally got dark, the hunter shared that the goose was still sitting by his car. In the video, you could hear it in his voice that he was frustrated that his little friend was still there.

After getting back on the road, he was finally able to ditch the goose on the highway.

The hunter posted the hilarious video to his official TikTok account. After posting it, the video garnered over 5.6 million likes. Users on the website enjoyed watching the video and posted funny comments to Johnson.

One user commented, “You told him to guard the car. What did you expect?”

Someone else urged Johnson to take the goose home and said that it was meant to be.

“You have to keep him now, you have no choice,” one person joked.

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