Wendy’s Throws Shade at Burger King’s French Fry Sandwich


Wendy’s has got beef with Burger King again.

While the two fast-food chains have been known to exchange snarky comments on social media, Wendy’s has reignited the burger wars by taking aim at BK for creating a sandwich consisting primarily of french fries.

The meatless delicacy is allegedly being tested at Burger King outlets in New Zealand and features fries, mayo and ketchup in between two hamburger buns.

The sandwich is said to be similar to a “chip butty,” a popular sandwich in New Zealand and Australia.  Regardless, Wendy’s was not here for it.

“When literally anything would be better on a bun than their beef," Wendy's savagely tweeted on Tuesday.

And they didn’t stop there as they continued to unleash barbs aimed at their competitor by replying to fans who were leaving comments.

"Please tell me this is a joke," one user wrote.

"Their whole restaurant is," the chain responded.

“Ehh, Burger King running out of ideas for new burgers,” added another.

“They should try the ever present idea - make it good,” replied Wendy’s.

Although Burger King has yet to respond to Wendy’s diss, they’ve previously been the ones to draw first blood with the online ribbing.

Last month, Burger King started the roasting by posting a photo of its mascot in front of a Wendy’s location with a cardboard sign making fun of their square-shaped patties.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, patties are round,” Burger King’s sign read.

Wendy’s hit back with their own brutal retort, “Look who dropped by to see what Spicy Nuggets were supposed to taste like.”

More recently, Wendy’s got into hot water, literally, when a man went viral for taking a bath in one of the chain’s kitchen sinks.

This time, the company didn’t have any jokes up their sleeves and responded by saying, “We take it very, very seriously. We have already taken the proper steps to make sure something like this never happens again.”

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