Wendy's to Give Out Free Chicken Nuggets at Every Location on April 24


What’s better than chicken nuggets? Free ones!

Wendy’s announced it would be offering free chicken nuggets to everyone who goes through a drive-thru on Friday.

The fast-food chain tweeted the announcement to say the nuggets are entirely free with no purchase necessary. Customers can ask for a crispy nugget entrée or four-piece spicy and don’t have to pay a dime.

Here’s the best part - this deal is available at all Wendy’s drive-thrus across the United States.

The chain decided to offer these free nuggets after seeing all of the love and generosity spreading among community members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the crisis, Wendy’s has been trying to brighten up people’s day amid the chaos.

While the fast-food chain’s restaurants remain closed for dine-in customers to slow the spread of the virus, it is still open for delivery and drive-thru orders.

For those getting their Wendy’s fix at the drive-thru, the company is now offering a free Jr. Frosty with every order.

Customers just need to indicate if they want a vanilla or chocolate Jr. Frosty and it will be added to their order on the house. The promotion is only being offered for a limited time and currently only available on drive-thru orders.

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