What Will Shopping Malls Be Like When Coronavirus Restrictions Are Lifted?


Will you be heading back to the mall once they reopen?

As shopping across some states resumes, including in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Florida, malls and stores are enforcing safety measures as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, reported the New York Post.

Simon Property, the largest mall operator in the country, told store owners that entrances to its malls would be regulated.

When a customer walks through the mall, they will receive free "sanitizing wipe packets with masks" to people who request them.

As for eating at the food court, seating will be reduced and reusable trays, utensils, and cups will no longer be available.

If you need to go to the bathroom while shopping, you will find every other sink and urinal will be taped off.

Play areas, drinking fountains, and stroller and valet stations will be temporarily closed.

As far as social distancing is concerned, if shoppers do not follow the rules, security will "actively remind and encourage" people to stay apart.

Throughout this global crisis, many stores have set mandatory rules for shoppers.

At the beginning of May, Costco made face masks mandatory for all shoppers. Beginning on May 4, all customers were required to wear face masks while shopping. Costco says it's insisting on face masks to protect customers and employees.

The warehouse store has already implemented other rules aimed at keeping people safe, like limiting the number of people allowed in each store and marking the floors. This way, customers will stay 6 feet apart while waiting to check out.

Costco was also one of the first stores to set aside early morning hours to allow elderly people and people with disabilities to shop safely.

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