Who would qualify for a ‘targeted’ stimulus check?


Americans are waiting for an update on a third stimulus check.

But while a new round of COVID-19 relief appears to be swift and imminent, with Democratic lawmakers moving fast on a new measure, there are still some questions around who specifically would qualify for another direct payment.

President Joe Biden has shown a willingness to negotiate the contents of another aid bill, thus creating some uncertainty in Washington and throughout the country about the actual amount of a third stimulus check, and who would qualify.

Here is what we know about the current status of a new stimulus check.

$1,400 stimulus checks

Under the current plan put forth by Biden and Democrats, taxpayers would receive a $1,400 direct stimulus payments, as well as an additional $1,400 per dependent.

The income threshold for checks under this plan would be an annual salary of $50,000 for individuals, and a combined income of $100,000 for married couples, reports Washington Post.

Individuals earning up to $75,000 would also likely be eligible for at least a partial payment under the compromise currently being weighed in Congress.

Biden unveiled the original plan earlier in January, the idea being that the $1,400 checks, on top of December’s $600 payments, would bring the total of this round of relief to $2,000 for qualifying Americans.

‘Targeted’ $1,000 checks

Under a scaled-down $618 billion plan floated by House GOP, Americans would receive a lower payment than the checks under Biden’s proposal, and at a lower income threshold.

This bill proposes a payment of $1,000 to taxpayers, with an additional $500 for each dependent.

The salary requirement for these would be up to $40,000 in annual income, or $80,000 for married couples.

Where will lawmakers land?

Republican’s “targeted” plan is unlikely to go through as is, with Biden and Democrats both signaling the preference for $1,400 payments. But it still remains possible that requirements to receive these payments could be changed.

The White House and moderate Democrats have signaled that they would be willing to narrow the goalposts for qualifying, but Biden has messaged adamantly to keep the payment price at $1,400.

Currently, it is still unclear how Washington will land on the final terms of another direct payment.

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