Woman finds used COVID-19 test in Kohl's package


We're all doing our best to not let COVID ruin our holidays, but one woman may have had coronavirus delivered right to her door this holiday season.

Andrea Ellis was wrapping Christmas presents when she got more than she bargained for - someone else's coronavirus test specimen, Quad-City Times reports.

It seems as though the coronavirus test had somehow made its way into a shipment of garden flags from Kohl's which was delivered to Ellis in Richmond, Virginia.

"I pulled out the flags and I told my aunt, 'Look how cute these are,'" Ellis recalls of finding the tests. "I pulled out the packing slip and then noticed something deeper inside the envelope and pulled that out. It was a biohazard bag containing someone's COVID-19 test specimen."

The envelope featured a woman's name, her date of birth, a doctor's name, and the doctor's address in Richmond as well as the phone number for the office.

Ellis was able to locate the woman's LinkedIn profile, but as of Saturday, had not received a response from her. Ellis then contacted the East Moline Police Department.

When the officer arrived and ultimately could not take the used coronavirus test out of her possession, Ellis used other means to try to rid herself of the mysterious test.

On Sunday, a representative from the Rock Island County Health Department picked up the sample and intended on returning it to the woman it came from. The vice president of Kohl's contacted Ellis, assuring her that they would get to the bottom of the mishap.

"He said that everybody's working on it to find out how it happened and to make sure it doesn't happen again," she said.

She continued, "I don't know how this ended up in my shipment. I don't know what to do except try and contact this woman."

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