Woman Finds Bizarre Way to Self-Isolate While Grocery Shopping During Coronavirus Pandemic


A woman has taken self-isolation to a whole new level. A woman from England was seen walking inside a giant inflatable ball to go shopping amid the COVID-19 outbreak, reported The Sun.

Apparently, the woman was doing this for a prank.

As she arrived at her supermarket, shoppers stopped what they were doing and just watched her as she rolled her way down the aisles. She had an accomplice with her, helping her pick up her items from the shelves at a Morrisons store in the UK.

When the "carer" was asked about what she was doing, he responded, “She’s self-isolating. She’s really germophobic.”

After the man answers, he wipes the zorb ball with antiseptic wipes to make sure it’s cleaned.

The footage was posted to Twitter by The Sun. The video was captioned, “Woman shops in a zorb ball at Morrisons.”

People were quick to comment on the video, expressing how funny this was. One user said, “Brilliant. This is great.”

While many loved her stunt, others said she was just doing this for attention. One person shared, “Some people are just completely absorbed in their own bubble!”

This woman isn’t the only creative one to practice social distancing. Jeremy Cohen, a photographer in New York City, used his trusty drone to make his move on a girl.

Cohen wanted to show that he has game in the dating world, so he spotted a girl dancing on a roof and knew it was love at first sight.

In a TikTok video that has gone viral, Cohen is seen taping a note with his phone number to a drone and flying it over to the building where the girl was dancing.

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