Woman goes fishing with bear she rescued

Photo credit Masha Rasputina
By , 100.3 JACK FM

Most pet owners want to bring their animal companion along for every activity. While there are many dog-friendly options to choose from, sadly there aren’t as many bear-friendly activities around.

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Luckily for one woman who recently rescued a bear, both her and the animal she saved enjoy fishing.

Photos of the woman fishing in a boat alongside her pet bear recently went viral, and now many online are wondering how they can get a pet bear of their own.

Veronika Dichka rescued Archie the bear from a Russian Safari park that went out of business back in 2019. Since then, the two have become very close, often participating in activities together, such as fishing.

Recently, Dichka wanted to show off her bear’s fishing skills, taking it out on the boat for a photoshoot that quickly went viral.

According to Brobible, one of the photos even shows the bear holding the fishing pole. As for Archie, the bear can’t be released into the wild since it has lived in capacity its whole life.

Luckily, it now has an owner that is happy to do human activities with the bear whenever it wants.

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