Woman With Husband on Life Support Loses Parents and Brother to Coronavirus


Coronavirus has "destroyed" the family of one Ohio woman and caused her a lifetime of suffering.

Kelly Conkey Billups lost both parents and her brother as a result of the novel virus.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that her 51-year-old brother, David Conkey, died on Sunday, and her parents, Lewis and Judith Conkey, passed away on Tuesday just a few hours apart from each other.

“It has broken my family,” Conkey Billups revealed from quarantine.

“It’s like a nightmare. It’s like … knowing that a big winter storm is blowing in and you get prepared and you hunker down and you just wonder how bad it’s going to get, how long it’s going to last and what happens when it’s all over and how you dig yourself out,” she said.

Conkey Billups has tried to remain strong, but admits she “doesn’t know how to dig” out after such heartbreaking loss.

Her brother tested positive in early March after helping their 75-year-old mother settle into a rehab center. His symptoms included a “double ear and sinus infection,” so he was placed on a ventilator.

Shortly after, her parents fell ill. She reveals that all three members had underlying conditions.

To make matters worse, her husband, 51-year-old, Don Billups, was hospitalized after texting her that he couldn’t breathe. He remains on life support in critical but stable condition.

Conkey Billups says he initially tested negative, but given his symptoms and that he was exposed to multiple people that died from their symptoms, doctors suspected it was a “false negative.”

WJW-TV reports they are awaiting results from a second test.

“My parents were absolutely amazing,” Conkey Billups told the outlet. “They did everything — everything — together for 57 years. Really we all just did everything together as a family. It was all of us or none of us,” she said.

As Conkey Billups finds the strength to recover and prays for her husband, she wants everyone to “understand the urgency of staying home and social distancing,” she said.

“That’s what I want to drive home. I want to spare another family the pain and trauma that we are living.”

One of Conkey Billups’ daughters, Kelly Conkey Billups, said her mother is not showing any symptoms.

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