Woman shares trash bag hack that has the internet stunned

Photo credit Igor Vershinsky
By , 100.3 JACK FM

The internet is full of life hack videos that claim to make daily tasks easier. There are videos for cooking, organizing, designing and just about anything that can be done in or around one’s home.

While plenty of these tips don’t actually help, the ones that do are life-changing. Now, the latest life hack to go viral is showing everyone a new way to place a trash bag on the bin, and the internet is stunned.

The trash bag hack video was shared recently by Hannah Ian, a mother and co-founder of professional organization company, Stored Simply. In her video, she explains that the trash bag seam is already inside out, and shows how placing the bag around the edge “like a hat” makes it so people no longer have to shake it out first, according to Yahoo.

“So apparently I’ve been using trash bags wrong my entire life,” Ian says in the video, which has been viewed nearly 12 million times and received almost 650,000 likes.

Stored Simply has 137,000 followers for people looking for home organizational hacks, from helpful tips on how to clean out a garage to satisfying pantry transformations.

Many online couldn’t believe the tip that makes starting a new trash bag significantly easier. Like any life hack, there were some online that claimed to already know it, or have an easier way, but most were excited to try the trick. Now, if only they could find a way to make taking out the trash easier.

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