Woman slaps husband amid his anti-mask tirade on flight


An argument over a face mask turned into a full-blown fight on board a plane on its way to Tenerife, Spain, from Manchester, England.

The EasyJet passenger who refused to wear a face mask got slapped by his wife after getting into an argument with several other passengers on the aircraft, the Daily Mail reports.

A video of the explosive incident shows the man calling his wife “imbecile” before she slaps him across the face. At the beginning of the clip, the man tells other passengers, “You are all being lied to: The longer you wear them masks, the longer this goes on.”

“I tell you what, God help you, the longer you wear those masks,” he continues. “God help you.”

After screaming at travelers on the plane, the man then tells his wife to “shut up” when she tries to calm him down. After yelling at her, she hits him.

Reports from other passengers claim that he returned to cause a ruckus before other people got involved and stuck up for his wife.

One passenger on the plane is heard asking the man, “What are you doing?”
Another says, “Get the woman away. Get her away.”

After the man is called a “coward,” he responds: “I’ll fight you lad."

Easy Jet confirmed that police responded to the incident. According to a spokesperson, all passengers on its planes must wear face masks and keep them on during boarding and while onboard.

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