WATCH: Woman smacks boyfriend on the head after surprise Disneyland proposal


Disneyland is known to many as the happiest place on Earth, and that’s why so many people flock there for magical proposals.

A video has now made its rounds on the internet, showing a woman smacking her boyfriend on the head during his Disneyland proposal.

Their love story may be awkward at first, but it actually turns out to be a happy ending, Fox News reported.

Gracie O’Neill posted a video taken of her husband popping the question on her TikTok page. The married woman shared that the video was from a few years ago, but she only recently posted it. Her video has gone viral and has received over 5.6 million views.

Other media outlets posted the viral moment to its platforms.

While watching the video, viewers can see O’Neill standing next to her boyfriend while they both pose in front of Disney’s castle. After posing for the photo, her boyfriend starts to pop the question.

However, O’Neill didn’t think the proposal was serious because several times before, her boyfriend would joke around. In an instant, the young woman smacked her boyfriend on the head.

After hitting him on the head, the boyfriend then pulls out a ring and says, “This time, I’m not kidding.”

The video is captioned, “On today’s episode of ‘I hate myself because…’”

O’Neill then posted the full video showing her bopping her boyfriend’s head and quickly realizing that he was serious. The video shows her excited and obviously saying yes.

In the video’s description, she wrote, “Seriously, the happiest day of my life.”

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