Woman with neurological disease writes book using her eyes


A young woman was left with little mobility in many parts of her body due to a neurological disease. Now, she's written a book using only the movement in her eyes.

The Turkish woman, Ozlem Ozalkan, is 38 years old and went to the hospital 13 years ago when she lost power in her hands, the New York Post reports. She was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which is the progressive loss of motor neurons that control voluntary muscles.

Her condition worsened over time until she was eventually unable to use most of her body parts. That said, she can see, hear, and think normally. She is only able to communicate through eye movement.

Using her eye movements, she was able to write her first book, "Life Without a Body."

"This is not a book written in 5-6 months, but a book that took her around three years by touching every letter with her eyes. So, it's like when an ant is building its house moving materials from one place to another. It is miraculous, a magic," her brother Besir said.

Besir elaborates, saying her efforts prove "what a person can do even while he/she is in bed."

"When you read the book, you think about why we exist in this world and what are we supposed to do. There are very good and though-provoking stories in the book," he continued.

The book has two chapters - one which outlines Ozlem's biography and a second which covers her poetry.

Ozlem spends her time doing volunteer projects like donating for the construction of water wells in Africa. Part of the book's proceeds will go to orphans and another part will go towards the water wells.

Because of her unrelenting usage of the device she uses to type, it has lost its function, and Ozlem is currently looking for support in the renewal of the important item.

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