Woman Takes Job in Nursing Home to Be With Husband During COVID-19 Pandemic


During the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are feeling lonely and anxious.

Mary Daniel of Jacksonville, Florida, told Today that she had not seen her husband in 114 days. Daniel's husband Steve, who is 66 years old, lives in a memory care unit of a nursing home, battling early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

Steve started living at Rosecastle at Deerwood last July. Daniel shared the pain she felt as she decided that her husband needed to live there.

As the coronavirus pandemic hit Florida four months ago, everything changed for Mary.

"I went to see him every single night, got him ready for bed," she said. "I went in on March 10 and on March 11 they called and said, 'You can't come back.'"

Daniel said she tried visiting her husband through a window, but he just cried and didn't understand what was going on. However, she came up with the idea that she could still see her husband if she worked at the facility.

Steve's wife called the nursing home and asked if she could volunteer or get a job just for the opportunity to see her husband again.

"Then, out of the blue two weeks ago, they called and said, 'Do you want a job?' When I found out it was as a dishwasher, I thought, 'Well, okay! I guess I'm a dishwasher now.'"

When the couple finally saw each other again, Daniel said that her husband became teary-eyed.

Daniel shared that the nursing home of 50 residents had zero cases of COVID-19.

She goes in two days a week to work an hour-and-a-half shift. In the evening, she spends her time with Steve while she gets him ready for bed.

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