You can now get face masks that smell like fried chicken or bacon


Face masks aren’t just a necessity in 2020, they’ve even become their very own pandemic fashion statements.

Some fashion labels like Louis Vuitton have designed luxury face shields and masks, others companies are selling branded face masks to consumers, while some have taken a more aromatic approach.

Hormel Foods and Jack in the Box have unveiled face masks that’ll make your mouth water because they smell like some of your favorite foods.

For now, there are only two scented masks to choose from: fried chicken and bacon!

The fried chicken-scented face mask hails from the fast food chain. It’s part of their new promotion for the plant-based “Unchicken sandwich.”

Not only does the mask smell like your favorite greasy dish, but it’s also decorated with images of the sandwich, smiley faces, and the Jack in the Box logo. It will be available on the chain’s website for free on October 23 while supplies last.

The Bacon mask is an invention by Hormel Foods. It’s described as “the latest in pork-scented technology with a two-ply multi-fiber cloth to keep the delicious smell of bacon always wrapped around your nose and mouth.”

It’s also being offered for free while supplies last. To snag one, enter at Hormel will be donating one meal to Feeding America, up to 10,000 meals, for every entry.

If you’d love wafts of fried chicken and bacon anytime you put on your protective face mask, grab these while they're hot!

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