Zoom CEO Offers Free Tools for Schools Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, is making sure schools have the opportunity to sign up to free accounts for his video conferencing software.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues across the globe, leading to quarantined and schools and businesses shutting down, businesses are doing their part to aid in the unique schedules children and adults alike are facing. In an interview with Forbes, Yuan notes that he wants to make sure companies and schools have the opportunity to use Zoom. The CEO thinks it is essential for students to continue learning.

On Wednesday, 343,000 people all around the world downloaded the Zoom app. Of that data, 60,000 people were in the United States.

Yuan said that he wanted to make sure students were able to learn, despite schools closing down. He made sure that teachers and faculty members had the tool to continue learning via conference call.

To use the services, students or teachers will need to fill out an online form using their school email addresses. Those addresses then need to be verified by Zoom. When these schools' domains have access with Zoom, this will also gain them temporary unlimited meeting minutes.

On its website, you can find a K-12 school verification form. There, it notifies you that "Zoom is temporarily lifting the 40-minute time limit on free Basic accounts for schools affected by the coronavirus."

The free accounts are available by request in Denmark, France, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Austria, and South Korea, a spokesperson for Zoom said.

"Given that many K-12 schools are starting closing, we decided to offer Zoom access to all K-12 schools in the country starting tomorrow," Yuan wrote in an email overnight.

Zoom said that it is already working on new features from user feedback surrounding the work-at-home surge.

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