What Is Really Wrong With Joe Biden?

Joe Biden
Photo credit Getty Images

During a Monday interview on MSNBC, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden seemed to get confused while answering a question about what he thought President Donald Trump should be doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The former vice president said, "The president has to move more rapidly. You know, we know from experience that speed matters. We know that you can’t go too fast, it is about going too slow. In order to avoid that, those very high numbers, we have to do at least several things."

Looking down at his notes, Biden continued, "One, we have to depend on what the president is going to do right now."

Then, losing his train of thought, he said, "And first of all, he has to tell - uh uh wait until the cases before anything happens. Look, the whole idea is he has got to get in place things that were shortages of. "