AAA Partners With Apple on Roadside Assistance Tool

iPhone 14 and 15 users can get help without Wi-Fi
iPhone on desk
iPhone Photo credit Sarah Huffman, WRVA

Richmond, Va. ( - AAA has announced a new partnership with Apple to provide Emergency Roadside Service for iPhone users in remote locations.

Starting September 22, iPhone 14 users and users of the new iPhone 15 will be able to connect to AAA Roadside Assistance via satellite -- no Wi-Fi needed.

"We know that there are parts of Virginia where you could very easily lose cell service," says Morgan Dean, AAA spokesperson. "It takes away some of the fear out of traveling to some of those remote areas, knowing that you can always get a hold of someone."

iPhone users requesting roadside assistance can be connected via satellite with AAA after answering a few questions. Users will receive guidance on how to stay connected to a satellite, so they can message with an agent and get information on the status of their request.

The service is available regardless of whether you're a AAA member, but non-members will be responsible for payment upon completion of the service. Individuals must be located near a road to receive service. AAA says it does not provide off-road vehicle recovery.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Sarah Huffman, WRVA