Loudoun CA Claims Pardon Should Not Be Allowed

Says "No Conviction = No Pardon"
Governor Glenn Youngkin (R)
Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) Photo credit House of Delegates Live Feed

Loudoun, Va. (Newsradiowrva.com) - In an early Friday morning tweet, the Loudoun Commonwealth's Attorney Buta Biberaj (D) suggested Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) did not have the power to pardon Scott Smith. Smith is the father of a girl who was sexually assaulted at a Loudoun High School, and his protest and arrest got wrapped up into the transgender school policy debate.

In the tweet, Biberaj says Smith was never convicted. Smith did get convicted of disorderly conduct in General District Court, but asked for a new case in Circuit Court as is his right. The Circuit Court trial was supposed to take place this month. The Governor's Office says the absolute pardon was for the General District Court conviction, and that it falls within the Governor's powers.

Smith's actions at the School Board meeting came at the same time there was debate over transgender policies in Loudoun Schools. The assault itself was also wrapped up in the debate because there have been allegations that the student involved was "gender fluid." However, both Biberaj and the boy's family say that is not the case. Also, Loudoun County schools had not adopted a policy allowing for bathroom use based on gender identity at the time of the attack.

Featured Image Photo Credit: House of Delegates Live Feed