A funny fashionista with a motorcycle and a twin sister might sound like a sitcom character, but that’s Jonah in a nutshell. And don’t let his dry tone fool you, or you’ll wish you had a rewind button when you think to yourself, “did he just say what I think he said?”

Equally at home on a bench press or petting strangers' dogs in Central Park, there's plenty to keep Jonah busy outside of the radio station.

If the weather's nice, catch him planning a hike upstate, finding a new restaurant, or trying to not kill his new windowsill garden. Indoors he's cooking, playing the drums or bass (sorry, neighbors), or updating his wristwatch channel on YouTube.

A native New Yorker, radio has taken Jonah to Connecticut, California, and Missouri, but he’s overjoyed to finally be back home and on-air with Kelly Ford in the greatest city in the world.