Katy Perry Basks in Pre-Mom Bod in New 'Champagne Problems' Video

Disco vibes and diamond shines in the pop queen's latest video

Katy Perry is cuing the soft light and conjuring up a 1970’s glow in her latest music video for “Champagne Problems.”

Hazy clouds of fog dance around Perry’s disco queen pre-mom bod, finessing into different colors that catch the artist’s diamond incrusted headdress.
The video tips a bedazzled cap to Michael Jackson’s 1981 classic “Rock With You,” drawing an eye to Katy’s isolated sheen against black.

It’s the latest visual installment in her “Smile” series, based off the release of her latest album by the same name. Katy also released videos for "Never Really Over," "Harleys in Hawaii," "Cry About It Later," and "Tucked."

No doubt Perry was lamenting the loss of her trim physique before giving birth to Daisy Dove Bloom, last week. "🎶Allllll weee goooot arre #ChampagneProblems nowwe 🎶 🍾🥂 Listen to Champagne Problems to get your pre-baby body back 😩," she captioned on Instagram.

The singer and fiancé, Orlando Bloom welcomed their first child last week, which coincided with the release of Smile. She’s been sharing thoughts on her roller coaster life with hilarious social posts. “delivering a baby and a record in the same week, dont f*ck with mama aka #whatmakesawoman 🤹🏼🤡 #smile,” she tweeted. Perry also posted a manipulated Instagram stock image of two hikers tossing a baby between cliffs, captioning “me after feeding all day handing Daisy off to daddy bout to deliver this 2nd child #SMILEISCOMING lezzgo 🤡💽.”

Perry and Bloom are Goodwill Ambassadors for UNICEF, and shared a touching image via the foundation's Instagram of the new family holding hands in the hospital saying, “We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter.”⠀

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