Lifetime found the 'oddest solution' to safely film kissing scenes in one of their holiday movies amid COVID

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Despite the ongoing pandemic, Lifetime is still releasing a bevy of holiday movies this year.

The network also made sure to implement major safety precautions, albeit some unusual ones, to ensure their actors remained healthy amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

For kissing scenes in one of their upcoming films, Lifetime placed a plexiglass barrier in between the actors and had them smooch up against it. But thanks to movie magic, the plexiglass was removed with digital technology.

"Everybody was incredibly concerned about, as we were figuring it out, making sure that we were following the best possible guidelines to keep people safe," Amy Winter, head of programming at Lifetime, told The Wrap.

"We all sat down, even before we got started, saying, how is anybody even going to kiss in these movies, given the circumstances?"

She added: "And the greatest, oddest solution I’ve seen so far is people kissing through plexiglass that can be removed in post, which is absolutely phenomenal."

The prop was used on “Christmas Ever After,” starring Ali Stroker and Daniel di Tomasso. The holiday movie is set to premiere on December 6th at 8pm ET.

Since many of the Christmas films were shot prior to the pandemic, it is unclear if any other productions used the plexiglass technique.

From now until December 19th, Lifetime will air 30 holiday films to get you into the cozy Christmas mood.

You can check out a full schedule of Lifetime's Christmas movies HERE!

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