Among My Friends Again Michael Stanley Celebration Concert

SOLD OUT : Friday December 3, MGM Northfield Park Center Stage
Michael Stanley Among Friends
Event Information:
Friday, December 3, 2021 8:00 PM
MGM Northfield Park

Northfield, OHIO

The Musical Legacy of Michael Stanley
One Night Celebrating Five Decades of Music
Featuring Members of The Resonators with special guest Jonah Koslen

In March of ‘21, Northeast Ohio and music fans throughout the country were stunned and collectively mourned the passing of Cleveland’s favorite son, Michael Stanley. Now it’s time to come together as one to celebrate Michael’s musical legacy and the soundtrack of our lives. Live Nation and 98.5 WNCX Cleveland’s Classic Rock invite Michael Stanley fans from all corners of The Heartland for a musical celebration, Michael Stanley, Among My Friends Again featuring members of The Resonators with special guest Jonah Koslen on Friday, December 3rd at 8pm at MGM Northfield Park Center Stage. The evening will feature songs spanning five decades of memorable music from Michael’s early beginnings, to MSB, to The Resonators.

The foundation will identify Cleveland-centric organizations and dedicate annual donations as part of their mission. “We wanted to find a way to continue to celebrate our father’s involvement with local charitable organizations,” said his daughters Anna Sary and Sarah Sharp. “Using our father’s musical legacy and the partnership with the highly respected Cleveland Foundation, 10,000 Watts of Holy Light of The Cleveland Foundation will shed light on and provide financial support to important Northeast Ohio charitable institutions. “We know our father would love that his music will continue to bring happiness and memories for years to come.”

Tommy Dobeck played drums and recorded with Michael for more than 50 years. He sees this concert as the perfect opportunity to bring Michael Stanley fans, friends, and his extended musical family, together for one incredible rush of memories. “Since Michael’s passing, The Resonators, along with so many other former bandmates, have been calling me, hoping we could find a joyful way to celebrate the musical journey Michael took us on for so many years. I know this will be both a special and emotional evening for everyone.”

Close friend and station-mate at 98.5 WNCX, Bill Louis said, "Michael's songs are as much of a part of the soundtrack of Cleveland as the sound of the waves crashing at Edgewater Park. To have his friends perform these songs on stage one more time surely would put a smile on his face.
Strike it up, strike it up."