Jelly Roll is bringing ‘sweet Sunday sermons’ of the South to Pop radio

Jelly Roll is bringing ‘sweet Sunday sermons’ of the South to Pop radio
Jelly Roll
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Audacy Launch artist, Jelly Roll, is bringing his southern hospitality to Pop radio with his single, “Need A Favor.”

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The song is the Tennessee-native’s first to Pop radio after achieving multiple #1’s on both Rock and Country radio and he’s excited to reach a new set of fans with his music.

“This song I wanted to feel like an old back road tent revival,” he shared of the song currently being played on Audacy station nationwide. “I wanted it to just kind of feel uplifting, almost like the end of a sweet Sunday sermon down deep in the South.”


Jelly’s ability to uplift and encourage with his music is one of his greatest superpowers and something he believes lends his music well to Pop radio.

“I think that I fit into Pop music by just bringing the kind of music that you can relate to,” the 38-year-old expressed. “The coolest thing about what’s happening in America right now is it’s popular to be vulnerable and honest and I absolutely fill that space.”

The proof radiates in Jelly’s most-recent album, Whitsitt Chapel, a project appropriately named after his childhood church as it’s filled with stories of his personal testimony.

“My new album, Whitsitt Chapel, is about my childhood church, the church I got baptized in when I was fourteen years old,” Jelly said of the project. “We started writing different songs and I just felt like everything I was writing wasn't telling the right story. Then we wrote a song called ‘Hungover In A Church Pew’ and then a song called ‘Church’ and I knew then that I was gonna write a concept album around my childhood church.”

Hear “Need A Favor,” alongside 12 other songs of redemption, determination and hope on Jelly Roll’s new album, Whitsitt Chapel, available now and check out more of what he has to say about the project in Audacy interviews here.

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