Scott Capurro

December 4, 2021 at Clandestine Brew
Scott Capurro
Event Information:
Saturday, December 4, 2021 8:00 PM
Clandestine Brew

980 S 1st St., Ste. B, San Jose, CA

About this event, from Scott:

The brew at Clandestine is so good, and the staff are completely adorable and supportive, so never mind the audience. Well, only some of the audience, and if you've been to the last two shows I've done there, you'll know whom I mean.

To the drunken tirade and misbehavior, if again displayed, my response shall be, as the check out gal at Target yelled at some crazy dimwit brandishing a big Starbucks and barking questions, "Bitch, I don't know you!"

$20 at the door, $25 online, prices go up as tickets sell so get 'em whilst they're tepid. Covid cards will be checked, or a recent test result showing a negative status. Let's be naughty AND nice this holiday season.

And please bring your Vaxx card or proof of a recent test. Let's all stay happy and healthy into 2022! Purchase tickets here!